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Fahmi Yakop

Managing Editor

Fahmi was actively involved in medical writing assisting his colleagues and supervisors in getting published in high-impact international journals during his post-graduate years in USIM. With a basic degree in Medical Science from Management and Science University (MSU), he has established himself as a competent medical writer and clinical research consultant. 

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Board of Advisors

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Story


Abid Nordin Consultancy

We started off as Abid Nordin Consultancy (ANC) in 2018 with Abid Nordin as the principal consultant.


With ANC, Abid has helped many clinicians who struggle with communicating their research findings and eventually helps in translating these researches into medical innovation.


Nordin Kamil Consulting

In 2019, a partnership named Nordin Kamil Consulting was  incorporated with Khidhir Kamil joining the management team.

With Khidhir as the project director, the firm ventures into training, teaching the required skills to scientific reporting to scientist and clinicians alike.



Now with a bigger team of partners and associates, MedCentral Consulting was incorporated in 2021 to better serve the medical community specifically and the whole scientific community generally.

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