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When it comes to medical writing services, many clients often turn to freelancers to complete their projects. While freelancers may offer a quick solution, there are potential risks involved when engaging them without proper planning or resources to monitor their work. This can lead to a greater loss and additional delays in publishing your research data. This is where MedCentral comes in, providing continuous added-value support and consultation until the completion of your mission - getting your data published.


Unlike freelancers, MedCentral's team offers guidance and expertise to ensure your work meets the latest publishing trends and standards. Our rates are based on a four-tier system, providing value-based pricing that contributes to the success of your publication. Overall, hiring a medical writer from MedCentral is the best way to ensure quality work, timely completion, and successful publication of your research data.

The 4 Tiers System


Q1 - Full Mile

Are you struggling to get your research ideas or projects published? Look no further than MedCentral's Complete Service Package. Our comprehensive package is designed to support projects that are the furthest away from getting published. Our team of experts offers full support and consultation in every aspect of the publication process, from data management and statistical analysis to literature review, evidence synthesis, scientific editing, language editing, data visualization, submission management, and post-revision assistance. With our dedicated support and expertise, we will help you navigate the publication process and increase your chances of success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your publishing goals. Scenarios that require complete service package include:

  1. Thesis to manuscript conversion

  2. Conception of a review article idea

  3. Early stage of data collection 

The complete service charge is $6000.00 that is due in installments at four different milestones:

Q2 - Three-Quarter Mile

Imagine a 4 x 4 track race, this service package is designed for manuscripts or projects that requires 75% commitment from the team in order to getting published, and we just need to pass back the baton to the client to finish that final mile. This could be due to the manuscript has been 25% completed or the client committed to contribute 25% of the work required for it to get published. Scenarios that qualify a particular project for this package include:

  1. Satisfactory initial draft.

  2. Editing & polishing done by client.

  3. Completion of submission process done by client.

  4. Support post-revision not required.

The complete service charge is $4500.00 that is due in installments at four different milestones:

Q3 - Half A Mile

Half A Mile offers a flexible and affordable option for those with specific needs in the manuscript publication process. With a team of experienced medical writers and editors, MedCentral provides comprehensive support and consultation in data management, scientific and language editing, journal selection and submission, and post-revision assistance. By customizing its service package to fit the client's specific needs, MedCentral ensures that each manuscript receives the attention and support it deserves to be successfully published. Scenarios that constitute a partial service include:

  1. Heavily edited manuscript ready for submission.

  2. Publication process will be handled by the client.

  3. Documents not requiring publication. 

The complete service charge is $3000.00 that is due in installments at four different milestones:
MedWrite Price usd_new-03.jpg

Q4 - Quarter Mile

MedCentral Consulting understands the challenges that clients face when it comes to budget constraints while seeking professional medical writing services. In order to offer clients the best support in getting their manuscripts published, MedCentral is now introducing a quarter mile. This package is specifically designed to cater to clients who require selective individual services but have budget constraints. The quarter mile will be offered according to the four stages of the manuscript publication process, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of service while staying within their budget. These include:

  1. Initial draft preparation

  2. Editing & polishing

  3. Submission management

  4. Post-revision assistance 

The complete service charge is $1500.00 that is due in installments at four different milestones:
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