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Through his vast experience and expertise in study design, data analysis, and interpretation, Dr. Abid has ensured that each member of the MedStats team has been well-equipped with the skills needed to help clinicians effectively utilize statistical insights to advance their research endeavors.

At MedStats, our mission is to provide exceptional statistical support to the field of medical research. We are dedicated to empowering researchers and clinicians with the statistical expertise and tools necessary to conduct rigorous and impactful studies. Our goal is to enhance the quality of medical research by ensuring accurate data analysis, appropriate study design, and robust interpretation of results. Through collaboration and guidance, we strive to unlock the full potential of data, ultimately contributing to advancements in evidence-based medicine and improving patient outcomes.

Biostatistics Services

What we can do for you

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Study Design and Sample Size Calculation

  • Study design determination

  • Sample size calculation

  • Randomization planning

  • Data collection protocol

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Data Analysis and Statistical Modeling

  • Data cleaning and validation

  • Descriptive analysis

  • Statistical tests application

  • Regression and modeling techniques

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Statistical Consultation and Interpretation

  • Consultation for research understanding

  • Methodology and design advice

  • Result interpretation and presentation

  • Issue resolution and guidance

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